Even though their entire business is based on selling hearing aids, both RX and over the counter, Steve (don't know him by any other name +++) took the time and first addressed a massive blockage that had been there for YEARS! One that my own primary care Doc said didn't exist. This brought my 'bad' ear right up to A+. My 'good' ear, as it turns out, is a little below par, even qualified me for one of the otc aids. Steve, in all his honesty, admitted that the annoyance of wearing it would probably outweigh the benefit! I know to some it may seem that he was bad for his own business...but I have to say, in today's world, I couldn't be more grateful for his help and honesty (can you imagine?) Since I know what lies ahead I can assure both you and them that's where I'll be going when the time comes. Oh and I should probably mention this is the first review, good or bad, I've ever written in my life.
Lisa Belshaw, on Google
Great visit today. Director was kind and interested in my welfare. I would be interested In the new hearing aid. Thanks for inquiring much appreciated. Sandra larsen
Sandra Larsen, on Google
Audible Hearing Centers you are outstanding helping Todd with his hearing issues. THANKS SO MUCH!
Todd Andrews, on Google
Always very friendly and helpful. Never have to wait for appointment. Usually no more than 3 to 5 minutes in waiting room before being seen. Certainly would recommend strongly
Lorin MacKay, on Google
Always great service. This is far and above the BEST hearing aid manufacturer in my opinion having tried others.
Stan Schubach, on Google

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