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I’ve been coming here for over a year. I get great service and appointments are very quick. Both Steve and Cory are kind, welcoming and competent. I highly recommend getting a test here if you are experiencing any hearing issues.
Meri-Lyn Stark, on Google
We've had great service from Audibel. Steve is very knowledgable and Cory very kind. My husband and I recommend them.
Jill Merritt, on Google
I have been extremely pleased with the help and support given by Steve Neilson and his assistant Cori to my mom. She lives most of the time in Kansas, but spends 2 or 3 months at a time in Salt Lake City as well. There has never been a problem with getting her in when she's in town, and working with her on problems she has -- mostly because she tends to forget things at times and seems to need to be reminded on what does what with settings on the hearing aids. Steve is always ready to answer any questions she has and is very patient with her! Mom had not been able to hear for years until Steve fitted her with these hearing aids a few years ago. Now she can hear and converse with people! A new lease on life for mom and those who love her. I would highly recommend Audibel.
Marcia Thurmond, on Google
Got a free hearing test off a website add. Little reluctant for fear of getting a sells pitch to buy something expensive. Not the case. Biggest surprise was the wax in my ears. All cleaned out, a hearing test afterwards. Sent out the door with a clean bill of health. Can hear like the ol days. VERY happy now.
Scott Peatross, on Google
I've had my hearing aids for at least a couple of years now, a pair of A 3 Platinum RIC 312's. Cory at the front desk here in Salt Lake City, and Steve Nielsn are both welcoming and "know their stuff" very well. Although Steve says his computer is aging, it puts out (to a lay person) an incredible amount of data at each four month visit about the condition of the aids and my use of them. The only cost is $ 35 for 40 new batteries. The fact that Starkey donated my old hearing aids to someone in a developing country is a big plus as well. Thanks for your hearing aids and your service! Tom Metcalf, Murray, Utah
Tom Metcalf, on Google

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