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Welcome to Our Hearing Health Blog

Welcome to our Blog, an online forum designed to educate, illuminate, share your experiences with hearing impairment. We understand that addressing a hearing loss can seem to be an unnerving concept initially, and we would like to help ease some of your anxieties by making the process enjoyable and hassle-free. You may see some posts […]

Welcome to Starting Hear – The official blog of Hear For You!

Thanks for visiting our new blog!  In the days to come, we’ll feature useful information on a variety of topics related to better hearing and hearing health care.      The facts about hearing loss in America are stunning:   1 in 3 people over the age of 60 have hearing loss. 1 in 6 […]

Hearing Loss and End-of-Life Care

“I know I should wear hearing aids, but why should I bother?  I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be around!” We hear this kind of response all the time in our many offices.  There is usually a moment of laughter and a casual disagreement of their objection.  The truth, according to new […]

Why Are Hearing Aid Prices So Different?

Your family has been telling you over the last few years you need to get your hearing checked. Since then, you noticed you have been asking people to repeat themselves. You need to really strain to be able to understand conversations. The ringing in your ears appears to be getting louder. It seems like everyone […]

Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), commonly known as sudden hearing loss, should be considered a medical emergency. As professionals, we train our patients to see their family doctor at the onset of a sudden hearing loss, and if the doctor can’t immediately see the patient, to go to their nearest emergency room. Why is treatment […]

B. Bentley Hearing Aid Testimonial

I had hearing aids from another company before. They whistled all the time and were very uncomfortable in my ears. My Audibel Hearing aids work very well and I can wear them all day long with no discomfort. I’ve been wearing them for four years now and I love them. Steve provides excellent service and […]

B. Dietrick Hearing Aid Testimonial

It was April two years ago that I realized I had a hearing problem. After watching several friends who were wearing hearing aids I questioned them as to what kind of aids they thought were best. The friends who had the best results were wearing Audibel. On 3300 south and 2715 east is an Audibel […]

J. Holt Hearing Aid Testimonial

The services and the availability of visits are excellent! I am happy with the hearing aids provided for me! J. Holt

R. Buckley Hearing Aid Testimonial

I have tried several other aids with very poor to some success. Steve has done an excellent job for me! R. Buckley

R. Macpherson Hearing Aid Testimonial

Over the last several years I have purchased two sets of hearing aids from Audibel and Steve Neilson. These are the third and fourth sets I have had since I started using hearing aids. Through Steve I have learned how hearing aids work and their good and bad points; information that is hard to get […]

J. McNeer Hearing Aid Testimonial

If you want to know how much your hearing aids help just forget to put them in when leaving the house! I’ve worn hearing aids for over 15 years and the first time I was really fitted with the right ones was when Steve Neilson fitted me!! He is the quintessential hearing aid specialist. It’s […]

E. Poulson Hearing Aid Testimonial

My 18 years flying as a pilot of military aircraft was harmful to my hearing. Being age 93 doesn’t help either. I’ve tried 2 other brands of hearing aids before going to Audibel. Finally I’m satisfied not only with the aids but with the program and service.  E. Poulson

B. Colegrove Hearing Aid Testimonial

I am extremely happy with my Audibel hearing aids. Everything sounds clear and crisp. The service provided at the Salt Lake office is exceptional. I am contacted periodically for a tune up and or upgrade. I initially had hearing aids from a previous company. They were always in need of repair costing hundreds of dollars. […]

L. Cowan Hearing Aid Testimonial

With the various levels of sound and function I am now able to hear much better in different situations and voice tones. That has made a big difference in being able to communicate with people. I’m grateful for that help. L. Cowan

D. Thomas Hearing Aid Testimonial

Audibel hearing aids have improved my life and my relationship with my wife. I now enjoy much more being with a group and participating in the discussion. The aids are easy to maintain, have batteries that last 4-5 days and are comfortable to wear. In addition service is available whenever it is needed with highly […]

R. Griffiths Hearing Aid Testimonial

The hearing aids work very well. I appreciate Steve’s professional help. He is very good at helping a person like me who has a very severe hearing loss. R. Griffiths

R. Valo Hearing Aid Testimonial

I am very pleased with my Audibel hearing aids. They are superior to the Phonak aids which I had previously. Audibel has settings which allow better blocking of background noise, better listening to music, and they allow better listening of T.V. I am also pleased with the service I have received and the Salt Lake […]

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